Quality home at an affordable price

There has been a major evolution in the type and quality of manufactured housing that is available.  Did you know more than 17 million Americans reside in manufactured homes?  Manufactured housing is an affordable option for many people to purchase a home.  A new manufactured home has an average price of $65,000.00.  A site built home (in our area) of the same size, built in 1956 is currently selling for more than double.  It is easy to assume that because a manufactured home costs less than a site built home, it is somehow inferior in quality.  This is far from true.  The lower price tag has to do with cost and time efficient building methods.  The safety and energy efficiency standards are upheld and on par with site built homes.  A manufactured home is a quality home at an affordable price.

Why does a manufactured home cost less?

Manufactured homes are built under strict Federal Regulations (HUD Code).  A manufactured home builder does NOT use inferior quality materials.  However, they do purchase their materials in high volumes, which means lower costs.  The skilled craftsman build these homes in a controlled indoor environment that is not impacted by inclement weather, vandalism, theft, construction delays or unreliable contractors.   By constructing these homes on an assembly line, it leaves little room for error.   This saves time and money on building and material costs.  The builder is able to pass these saving onto the buyer, making home ownership affordable and easier to achieve.

Are manufactured home energy efficient?

Manufactured homes are built with effective insulation that is properly installed in floors, walls and roof.  This ensures an even temperature throughout the home, reduced energy use, lower utility bills and increased comfort.

  • Energy efficient windows with a protective coating are installed with improved frames.  This helps in keeping the heat in during the winter and out during the summer.  These windows help to block ultra violet sunlight that discolor carpets and furnishings.
  • Homes are tightly constructed to help reduce drafts, moisture, dust, pollen and noise.
  • The efficient heating and cooling equipment is quieter, uses less energy to operate andreduces indoor humidity.
  • Energy Star qualified products such as lighting fixtures, ventilation fans and appliances.  All energy star products save consumers money by using less energy through advanced design and construction.

Are there any design, upgrades or customized options are available?

A manufactured home has a wide array of floor plans available, square footage and amenities to meet your needs.  Each home has standard features that you would find in a site built home.  With computer aided design, buyers have the ability to customize the floor plan, interior and exterior finish.  Additional amenities and upgrades can be added such as:  additional insulation, higher roof pitch, additional windows, bay windows, cathedral or tray ceilings, recessed lighting, stainless steel appliances, walk in closets, granite counters, fireplaces, wider hallways/doorways for handicap accessibility and more!  With an impressive variety of styles, floor plans and/or upgrades the home of your dreams is in your budget.


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